Since travellers who opt to take city-to-city transportation-inclusive tours do not return to their departure location upon tour completion, it is vital that they bring all suitcases and belongings with them. This requirement presents the question, “what do I do with my luggage while I participate in the tour?”. Fortunately, we have the answer.

Depending on the tour type and the operator who runs the activity, one of two things will happen the day of your tour; either travellers will be taken to a central office or tour “hub” of sorts where the luggage will be stored for the day, or else the luggage will be stored in the tour operator’s tour bus. Right about now you may be asking yourself, “will my luggage be safe?” to which we will interject and respond, “although 100% security can never be guaranteed throughout any aspect of a travel experience, for the most part, yes, your luggage will be safe so long as you choose a reputable tour operator to run the tour with”. When luggage is stored in tour vehicles, the vehicle is locked with the driver keeping guard nearby. When luggage is stored at tour “hubs”, such as the one we describe in detail in our posted response to the question What Do I Do With My Luggage when I am  Zip lining, luggage is secured by travellers in giant suitcase-friendly lockers.

As an added precaution in both cases (if you would prefer some reassurance), consider bringing luggage locks, a small padlock, or another type of bag lock with you to Costa Rica to prevent any individual from being able to access your valuable items. Keep in mind, too, that tour operators assume a degree of liability and responsibility for your luggage while you participate in their tour; they don’t want you to misplace an item on their watch any more than you want to lose one, so although playing it safe with locks and acting cautiously is smart, choosing not to assume that every tour operator and its representatives are out to steal your things is just as important.

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