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8 January, 2017by Billy Johnson

Try our horseback riding tour in Vista Los Sueños Tours

After all, these hooved beasts are absolutely enormous! And if you don’t know how to control the horse and have never been in a saddle before, it can feel a bit scary at first.

But here’s the thing: if you have someone helping you out, riding a horse is surprisingly easy.Riders.

It usually doesn’t take long for even the most greenhorn rider to start to feel comfortable while perched upon their steed. But maybe you need a little extra reassurance.

So to ease any jitters you may have, we’ve put together this list of 5 reasons why Vista Los Sueños Horse back riding tour  is one of the best places to give horseback riding a try.

1) The Trails Are Relatively Easy

There are no crazy and challenging trails in Vista los sueños, so you don’t have to worry about navigating a steep mountain face or maneuvering around a thin switchback with a steep drop below. The trails are all straightforward.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your horse has been down this trail before. He or she knows the route and will simply travel down it in a relaxed manner.

2) The Ride Is Short

Although it might not seem like it, horseback riding is quite a workout. Sitting in a saddle takes more effort than sitting in a car — you have to use your core muscles constantly to keep your balance and you also have to be alert and giving directions to your horse.

For beginner riders who aren’t used to long trips, horseback riding can be tiring – so shorter journeys in the Banff area are perfect.

3) There Is No Galloping

Many people who are nervous about horseback riding have a fear that once they get onto the horse, it will start galloping at full speed and they will be hanging on for dear life while bouncing around in the saddle. But this is not the case!

The horses used by Vista los Sueños are well-trained, used to beginners and won’t break into a full gallop unless the rider instructs them to. On these backcountry trips, you’ll be moving at a comfortable and steady pace; not racing down the trails.

4) Experienced Staff Provide Guidance

“Every guest who rides with us is given riding instructions on what to do while out on the trail,” explains Billy Jhonson -Marketing Manager

5) The Horses Are Mellow

You certainly won’t be riding any wild stallions or race horses; instead, a very well-trained, intelligent animal will carry you through the rainforest. After all, trail rides are their job and they have worked with apprehensive first-time riders before.

Why Not Give It A Try?

Travelling by horseback allows you to go further into the mountains and forests and see quiet and tranquil natural areas that you wouldn’t be able to reach in any other way.


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