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Rainforest InformationTortuga Islands Snorkeling Tour

16 September, 2017by Billy Johnson

Tortuga Islands Snorkeling Tour

The boat trip takes about 10 minutes, on a trip that is usually for a very quiet sea and a very safe trip. The departure is scheduled at 9am from Curú beach, however if you want a different schedule, you can contact us to see if another departure is possible at different times, we can usually send another boat at 12:30 pm departure time and return for 3:30 pm. We offer the option of private tours.

On the trip to the Islands you will enjoy a scenic beauty of the coast of the Islands along with some marine life. The route includes going through the Rainbow Rock, a natural formation that allows to pass with the boat under the arch of the island, considered by some as an exciting and unique experience.

Jaco Beach tours
Jaco Beach tours

Jaco Beach tours

Our guides will explain during the tour the different names of the islands, seabirds and some mammals that occasionally go out during the tour. Know the reason of the name ISLAS TORTUGA, besides a little of its history and attractions.

To practice snorkeling we make a stop in the Morteros islands that are part of the group of islands called Tortuga. If you do not want to snorkel, then we can take you to the main island to rest and bathe in its turquoise waters, or you can wait in the boat and observe the fish that are grouped around the boat.

This snorkeling site is famous for large groups of fish. These groups are called schools or schools. These waters do not have colored corals but they have a lot of colors for their fish that swim gracefully by the turquoise waters. Among the most common fish are the fish Angel Real, Angel Cortez, Damiselas, blue and red stars, eels, gobies and many others.

After approximately 1hr of snorkeling, our captain will take you to the beach on the main island. As part of our sustainable tourism policy, our company operates on a secondary beach on the main island as it has little visitation and is a bit more private. our crew will prepare fresh fruit selected from local markets. The fruits will be accompanied by soft drinks and water.

On the beach you can enjoy a walk to explore the coast of this beach, besides bathing and take advantage to work your tan or just listen to the waves of the sea caressing the beach. The time on this beach is approximately two hours, however if you wish to stay longer on the beach, you can ask the group of guides about the option to take another boat back at approximately 3:30 pm. That option is only available if that day another program of our boats was scheduled for the time of 12:30 pm from the main beach of Curú.

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Tortuga Islands Snorkeling Tour

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