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BlogThe Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

30 December, 2017by Billy Johnson

The Caribbean Coast has something for everyone, find your paradise!
One of the favorite things about the South Caribbean is that the different communities and beaches are so diverse. There is black sand and white sand. There are comfortable places for both backpackers and travelers who prefer something more luxurious. There are places in the center with lots of noise and many activities and others where you will hardly see another person throughout the day.

We tell you a little about the places you can visit on the Caribbean coast:

1- Puerto Viejo: it has maybe only a diameter of 3 or 4 blocks, but it is full of an amazing selection of hotels, hostels, restaurants, bars and shops. In the town itself there is not much beach to swim, most go north to Playa Negra or to the south, but you can find advanced surfers in the Salsa Brava reef near the center.

2- Cahuita: Cahuita retained a more Caribbean environment than Puerto Viejo, which already has a more international flavor. The community has strong cultural links with calypso music and authentic Caribbean cuisine. In addition, here you will find the main entrance of the Cahuita National Park, which is one of the treasures of the coast, with beautiful beaches and abundant wildlife. It has a wide variety of services including a bank, supermarkets, numerous restaurants and a variety of hotels, so many travelers choose to stay here during their visit to the South Caribbean.

3- Playa Cocles: It is one of the best The beautiful beach is very popular with surfers, especially in the far north, and also among swimmers. It is one of the beaches in the area that has lifeguards through the community program of Playa Cocles Salvavidas. There is a wide variety of companies, basic hostels, hotels and luxury rental houses. There are also many restaurants and services.

4- Chiquita Beach: The quiet Chiquita Beach is a favorite of those who want to relax on the fine sand and in the beautiful waters surrounded only by nature. There are several small bays by which you may be able to find your own little beach with no one else in sight. There is more privacy because there is no road to access the beach, you have to walk a short distance on one of several trails. There is no central commercial area, but there are some restaurants and services along the main road.

5- Punta Uva: The quiet beach of Punta Uva is known for its reef that gives protection to the beach so Punta Uva has little waves and white sand. This is a perfect place to bring children to swim. It is 8.5 km from the center of Puerto Viejo, so it attracts those looking for a quiet place to spend the holidays. The area has a wide variety of hotels and holiday homes: the majority between average prices to luxury places. There is a supermarket and a good selection of restaurants.

6- Manzanillo: It is the farthest you can go along the coast road to Panama. This small town still has a very vibrant Afro-Caribbean culture. It has also remained a virgin, thanks to the creation of the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge in 1985, which includes the town and imposes strict regulations on regional development. The activities here are simple and focus on nature.

7- Hone Creek, Bri Bri and Sixaola: they do not usually attract much tourism, because they are not located overlooking the beach. Most travelers will pass through Hone Creek on the way to Puerto Viejo, because there you have to deviate from highway 36 that leads from Limón to the border with Panama in Sixaola. There are several accommodation places in Hone Creek that are usually either cheap or have large properties where you can run away from it all.



The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

Billy Johnson

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The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

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