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21 December, 2017by Billy Johnson

The name of this town is “Costa Rican”, but often you will appreciate that we usually say “Ticos”.

In addition to being known for our sympathy and joy, the “ticos” proudly live under the motto “pure life”. This short phrase is used as a greeting, to thank and to point out that something we like a lot, as well as a calm and relaxed lifestyle.

Important points you should know:
Costa Rican cuisine has many elements present in Latin American cuisine and is characterized by including a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The most popular sport is football and the meetings of the national team are events mostly followed by Costa Ricans.
San José, the capital, is the cultural center of Costa Rica, and has a growing network of theaters and museums. It is a modern city with a bustling trade and abundant energetic expressions of art and architecture. The city of Alajuela, in the central valley, and the city of Limón, on the Caribbean coast, are also popular destinations.
One of the Costa Rican traditions is called “La Romeria”; It is based on a walk to the Basilica of the Angels located in Cartago center. The walk begins from any part of the country, the days before August 2, which is the day of the liturgical celebration of the Catholic Church in the Basilica of the Angels, in Cartago. The Virgin of Los Angeles, also known as “La Negrita” is the patron saint of Costa Rica.

“The Lantern Parade” is scheduled for September 14 and is part of the celebration of September 15, which is the day of independence for Spain; on September 15, 1821. The lanterns are made by elementary and secondary students, who participate in the traditional parade and in some places the best bluff is awarded.
“The Festival of light” of the city of San José turned 10 years old in 2005 and is already classified as a typical tradition of the country. It originates in 1996, when the Municipality of San Jose organized the first parade of floats and the best bands in the country, which along its route through Paseo Colón and Avenida Segunda, give Costa Ricans a great show of color and joy, in the Christmas frame in which this activity is celebrated. It is worth noting the enormous arrival of tourists to the capital who visit the country attracted by the magic, quality, creativity and diversity of the Festival.

We have many more customs and traditions that it is very difficult to mention them all, in conclusion the Costa Ricans have customs and traditions to express our happiness to the visitors and the other inhabitants of this beautiful country.

Some things you should know about Costa Rica.
Some things you should know about Costa Rica.

Billy Johnson

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