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  • For those travellers looking to visit a popular beach town, Playa Jaco is a great choice. This town is one of the most vibrant and populated areas along the central pacific coast, especially when compared to its neighbouring beaches (Herradura and Hermosa). Travellers who choose to stay at accommodations in town have access to a variety of dining and shopping options–the majority of which are within walking distance to the beach.
  • Playa Jaco is the bar or “disco” capital of Costa Rica. For those travellers looking for an active nightlife, Jaco is an ideal location in which to find it!
  • Since Playa Jaco caters to young travellers, the area offers many inexpensive accommodation options. Although superior and resort-quality accommodations do exist, these are overshadowed by the abundance of economy and standard accommodation options targeting backpackers and travellers with a limited budget.
  • Travellers looking to participate in a number of tours/activities during their time at the beach will find a variety in Playa Jaco. Most of the tour operators in this town also service nearby beaches, however transportation to/from these other beaches and Playa Jaco is not always included with the tour cost. For this reason, Playa Jaco is a good choice for those individuals who will not have a rented vehicle and would prefer to stay in a popular town where tour offices can be reached on foot.
  • Playa Jaco is a long beach. Although it is popular and attracts quite a few visitors, its length allows visitors to spread out down the coast providing beach-goers with the feeling that the area is less busy than it actually is.
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