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Rainforest InformationPlaya Blanca (Punta Leona)

19 September, 2017by Billy Johnson

Playa Blanca (Punta Leona)

Small beach of 500 mts of white sands, with gentle waves towards the southeast. It has the pre-sea of beautiful cliffs where we can observe the penetration of the force of the sea through the pits. It has a lush vegetation along its coastline. Its transparent waters are ideal for scuba diving in the vicinity of rocks in the southeast. There is a rocky zone that divides it from Punta Leona.

The beach is intended for: sun, beach, sea, water sports (surfing, windsurfing).

Playa Blanca is well known for its great beauty and white sand. In fact, this beach has been used many times to film national and international television commercials, and even films. The beach is small and easy to walk from end to end. Along the whole beach there is vegetation that offers enough shade.

Jaco Beach tours
Jaco Beach tours

Jaco Beach tours

The beach is an excellent place to spend a day. Although it is small, it is common to see people walking or jogging along it. There are also several places where it is very safe to bathe in the sea (mainly at the southern end of the beach).

The water is usually warm and crystal clear. In the center of the beach there is a reef that is a good point to practice snorkeling and this same reef allows the practice of surfing. The reef makes a wave at low tide that many beginner and intermediate athletes take advantage of.

Access to Playa Blanca is very limited. There is only one public street that ends at the contiguous beach called Playa Mantas. From there it is necessary to walk on that beach and cross the tip at the southern end, which is very complicated at high tide. However, there is another much simpler way to access this beach, but it is not free. In the place there is a tourist development called Club Punta Leona.

If you are a member of this club or if you are staying at your resort, then you can use a road in very good condition that reaches Playa Blanca, and you will even have access to other services such as on-site parking and restrooms. NOTE: Ironically the hotel called “Hotel Arenas Playa Blanca” does not belong to the club and therefore when staying there you do not have the access previously mentioned.

Billy Johnson

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Playa Blanca (Punta Leona)

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