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1 June, 2017by Billy Johnson

Monteverde Costa Rica – Enjoy The Rainforest

Monteverde is one of the best destinations in Costa Rica to experience a rainforest. It is also one of the best places to see the splendid Quetzal, there beautifully colorful bird that is so hard to see. In 1951, Quakers settled in Monteverde where they established a dairy farm. As a result, today Monteverde Cheese is one of the best of Costa Rica. Conservationists are doing their best to protect the 25,000 acres of this fantastic area. In fact, Monteverde Costa Rica has 2000 species of plants, 100 species of mammals and 400 species of birds.

Activities In And Around Monteverde

There are some amazing Monteverde Tours. The Canopy Tours offers incredible views over the canopy of the Cloud Forest. Indeed, you fee as though you are swinging through the trees! The canopy tour is zip line a few hundreds of feet in the air. There is also an infinite number of hikes for those afraid of heights. An option for those who wish to see things from above aren’t sure about the zip lines; there are the skywalks. The skywalks are on suspension bridges built a few hundred feet above the ground, perfect for bird and monkey watching. There’s also a tour of the forest by the horse. On the horse, you can cross rivers and see awesome waterfalls! Another tour is the Dairy Farm Tour, La Lecheria. Here you can learn about the cheese making procedures, and buy cheese and ice cream.

Where To Stay In Monteverde

It may be in the middle of the cloud forest, but Monteverde has many very nice and comfortable hotels to choose from. Of all the Hotels of Monteverde, the El Establo Lodge Monteverde is one the best. Luxurious hospitality, world class service and excellent amenities/facilities in the middle of a cloud forest are definitely worth the trip! Other notable accommodations are the Trapp Family Hotel or Hotel Poco a Poco, and the Hotel Fonda Vela. These forest lodges are as comfortable as they are stylish with top notch service. There are also quite some restaurants in Monteverde. Restaurant Lucia is at the top of our list, with its sophisticated gourmet cuisine, followed by El Bosque and Johnny’s Pizza. Morpho’s café is one of Monteverde’s well-kept secret, excellent for travelers on a lower budget.

Billy Johnson

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Monteverde Costa Rica - Enjoy The Rainforest

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