Instant fix for Summer Fever Vista los Sueños.

An afternoon of ziplining is an instant fix for Summer Fever. The adrenaline rush is sure to improve your mood and overcoming any anxiety or fear of heights as you take the leap from the platform to flying across the sky is extremely self gratifying. Vista los Sueños Rainforest tours offer zipline trips at two convenient locations, near San Jose and Manel Antonio Beach. Vista los Sueños  Zipline can even combine a half day of ziplining with a package to also include, horseback riding, atv´s or whitewater rafting.



Instant fix for Summer Fever Vista los Sueños

Adrenaline is another word for the hormone epinephrine, part of the brain’s response to exercise. Epinephrine has an effect on your body to increase the cardiorespiratory activity that facilitates exercise. It also has an affect on your metabolism and can even improve your mood.


Even the anticipation of exercise can spark a rush of adrenaline. Upon exercise or before, your brain sends a signal to your adrenal glands. In response, your adrenal glands excrete epinephrine into the bloodstream. The release of epinephrine is greater in an untrained person than a trained person.


Epinephrine is released as part of the sympathetic nervous system initiating the “fight or flight response.” It increase your heart rate in order to increase the amount of blood your heart beats each minute. More blood flowing means a larger amount of oxygen available to your muscles that need it. It also works to constrict your blood vessels, increasing your blood pressure and to allow more blood to your muscles.

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