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Hot Springs in Costa Rica

Thermal Pools in Paradise!

Costa Rica Hot Springs:

For thousands of years, humanity has healed and relaxed using the benefits of the hot springs, the natural wonders of warm mineral water.

Costa Rica being a land of volcanoes is full of this natural gift, especially in the Arenal and Fortuna area. The mighty Arenal Volcano provides the perfect temperature to the Hot spring waters. Here you will find the springs in all shapes and sizes from cooler pools to the steam bath you’ve all dreamed of.  Initially, the water comes from rain seeping into the porous rock. Also, it passes through a natural filter adding minerals and collecting heat from geothermal hot spots. Then the water is fed into pools and ready for you on command.

Hot Springs represent a place of relaxation and peace. You can let all the problems go, and simply enjoy the trend of warm nothingness.

Who said hot springs only mean relaxation and meditation?  And don’t get us wrong, we do love the possibility of sitting in a nice pool to relax. Here though we have the option of waterslides and having fun in a water park.  This combination of waterslides and hot pool relaxation has to be the best worldwide.

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Hot Springs in Costa Rica

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