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Rainforest InformationGarabito Puntarenas

19 September, 2017by Billy Johnson

Garabito Puntarenas

The name of the canton is in memory of the heroic and indomitable Garavito, chief cacique of the Huetar kingdom of the West that in the beginnings of the conquest resided in the valley where San Ramon is located today; whose dominions they comprised towards the west of the river Virilla. Don Carlos Gagini in his work Los Aborígenes de Costa Rica, indicates that the word is of indigenous origin Garabee or Garabú which means in Tarahmara the best.

In pre-Columbian times, the territory that currently corresponds to the canton of Garabito, was part of the dominions of the cacique Coyoche or Coyochi, in the valley of the same name, which was inhabited by Indians of the so-called Huetar Kingdom of the West; At the beginning of the conquest the chief chief was Garavito.

The discoverer of the region was don Gil Gonzalez Dávila, in 1522, when he made the first land tour of our national territory, from the southeast sector of it to the indigenous town of Avancari (today Abangaritos, canton of Puntarenas).

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The canton of Garabito is geologically constituted by materials from the Cretaceous, Tertiary and Quaternary periods; being the volcanic rocks of the Cretácico that predominate in the region.

From the Cretaceous period, rocks of volcanic origin are found, which are grouped under the name of the Complex of Nicoya, which is composed of solid gray, compact, dark gray ftanites, phytatic shales, apanic siliceous limestones, lavas with pads and agglomerates of basalt and intrusions of garbos, diabasas and diorites, that is located between lomas Camaronal and Negra, and of this last one until the hill Guapinol; as well as in the Chiquero, Quebrada Bonita and Rincon Villaco hills; as well as in the Quebrada Bonita and Camaronal ranks.

The elevations, in meters on the average level of the sea, of some urban centers of the canton are the following: City Jacó 7, Village Mona 40, Village Agujitas 400, Village San Antonio 416.

The fluvial system of the canton of Garabito, corresponds to the slope of the Pacific; which belongs to the basins of the rivers Tusubres, Grande de Tarcoles and Jesus Maria.

The first basin is drained by the Tusubres River and its tributary the Soco River; as well as the rivers La Gloria, Copey, Cana Blancal, Tarcolitos and its affluent Camaronal; as well as by the river Needles that originates with the name of Agujitas. These watercourses, except the Seco and Tárcolitos rivers, are born in Garabito, Camaronal Hills, as well as in the Chiquero, Herradura and Negra rows, Quebrada Bonita Chiclera; which present a direction from northeast to southwest and east to west, until it ends in the Pacific Ocean. The rivers Tusubres, Seco, Tarcolitos and Camaronal are cantonal limits; the first with Parrita, and the others with Turrubares from the province of San José.

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Garabito Puntarenas

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