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27 December, 2017by Billy Johnson

The culture of Costa Rica is recognizable and varied, having initially influenced the indigenous and European culture, later of the Afro-Caribbean and Asian culture. There are traditional technologies in the country, agricultural, cultural and religious practices and beliefs that connect the current population with their indigenous, European and African ancestors in the genetic and cultural fields. Costa Rica is a mestizo, multi-ethnic, multilingual and pluricultural country, in which very diverse social communication systems coexist.

With the formation of the Youth Symphony Orchestra vocations poured in, and the consolidation of the National Symphony Orchestra ensued. Dance seems to be one of the most popular disciplines, and the theater follows its impulse of thirty years ago. However, Costa Rica today presents a large number of artistic veins including music, dance and dance, theater, film, film and television production, visual arts and literature.

Culture of Costa Rica.
Culture of Costa Rica.

Billy Johnson

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