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1 January, 2018by Billy Johnson

Costa Rica is, literally, a tropical paradise. More than a million visitors come here every year to explore the lush jungle, enjoy the miles of pristine coastline and the rich local culture.

Meaning of “Costa Rica”, it is a popular destination for nature lovers and ecotourists, and is home to an impressive variety of exotic plants and animals. In fact, some of the rarest and most threatened species in the world can be found here. The landscapes and their settings in this small nation are almost as varied as the wildlife. From the stunning beaches to the dense jungles.

You can enjoy a little rest and relaxation on the pristine beaches of the Caribbean Sea or the Pacific Ocean or enjoy some stimulating water sports, the Costa Rican rainforest offers visitors some of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth and It is home to millions of species of birds, reptiles and insects.

For a relatively small country, Costa Rica has a lot to offer. Visitors who spend time here may want to take advantage of the time to make sure that the vacation in this tropical paradise is enjoyed to the fullest.

Costa Rica in general
Costa Rica in general

Billy Johnson

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