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Rainforest InformationBats from Costa Rica

16 September, 2017by Billy Johnson

Bats from Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to 210 species of mammals, more than half of which are bats.

About 110 different species of bats live in Costa Rica. In relation to only 52,000 square kilometers of land, Costa Rica has therefore one of the largest diversities of bats in the world.

Bats play a very important role for nature, as they disperse seeds and pollen. Many native plants in Costa Rica depend entirely on bats as their only pollinators.

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During the day, lunar-phobic animals rest in hollow trees, under palm leaves, wooden ceilings, or in the jacket of our garage, which we finally leave for their happy family life.

Shortly after sunset, these useful animals begin to dive around trees and homes capturing huge numbers of mosquitoes and other insects, or feeding on fruits and nectar.

Bats are oriented in the dark through echoes that emit echoes of their ultrasonic screams that a human ear can not hear. Their ears and noses are pure hi-tech design, although they seem a bit rare to us humans.

The three species of vampire bats are found in Costa Rica. The most common is the type of Desmodus rotundus. Unlike other bats, vampires can crawl and jump to the ground. Their favorite prey consists of cattle and do not suck but lick the blood from the wound they cut with their sharp incisors. The process itself does not do much harm to livestock. However, there is the danger of rabies, which kill the prey (but not the bat).

There are even two species of white bats living in Costa Rica: the cute and diminutive Honduran white stick of the Caribbean lowlands, and the much larger and rarer Ghost Bat.

In Barra Honda National Park, batsmen can hike to the Pozo Hediondo cave, which houses a colony of 5000 bats that begin to emerge from their cave shortly after sunset.

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Bats from Costa Rica

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