On the day of your tour, the tour operator will have a record of the number (and names) of travellers that they need to pick-up in each city, as well as the number (and names) of travellers that they will be transporting to different cities upon tour completion (this list is often referred to as the “tour roster”). Upon tour completion, see your tour guide for a confirmation of which bus you and your luggage must board to ensure delivery to the correct destination; in some cases, tour operators coordinate a variety of pick-ups and drop-offs in multiple cities, so make sure you check (and double-check) that the bus you leave the tour on is the bus heading in the direction you wish to travel.


  • Make sure you organize your vacation itinerary well in advance of your trip to avoid the need to make last-minute changes to your Costa Rica tour transportation. This is because on the part of the tour operator, a large amount of work has gone into ensuring that a driver and vehicle will be available to pick you up in and drop you off at your desired cities. For this reason, last-minute changes are typically difficult to process (especially when the tour operator can no longer offer availability for a pick-up or drop-off in the city you wish to change your reservation to), and more often than not, strict cancellation policies apply.


  • Many tour operators will offer pick-ups and drop-offs at hotels and hostels only (not at vacation home rentals, airbnbs, etc.). In the event that the accommodations you have selected for your trip do not qualify to receive a complimentary tour pick-up and/or drop-off, request to be picked up and dropped off at qualifying locations nearest to where you will be staying in each city in order to minimize your walking distance and/or taxi fare.


  • When selecting your Costa Rica hotels, ensure that they fall within the pick-up and drop-off zones of any tour operators you plan to use for city-to-city transportation-inclusive tours. Pick-ups and drop-offs that fall outside of tour operators’ Costa Rica tour transportation zones may incur additional tour fees.
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