5 reason why you should do a Canopy Zip Line Tour in Jaco Beach and Los Suenos Resort?

5 reason why you should do a Canopy Zip Line Tour in Jaco Beach and Los Suenos Resort?

My name is Mathilda and I would like to speak about my zip lining experience.

#1 I had gone ziplining once before in Africa years ago, but that one was very melow compared to the ones I’ve done in Costa Rica. I did various canopy (zipline) tours in Costa Rica but by far the best Canopy Zip Line Tour in Jaco Beach and Los Suenos was the one I did in “Vista Los Sueños Adventure Park” in Herradura, 5 minutes north of Jacó Beach. This wan an amazing Canopy tour and definitely seemed more intense than the first one I did!

This is because Costa Rica takes Zip Line Tours very seriously.

#2 Zip Lines and Costa Rica go hand and hand, that’s a fact. It’s one of the essential experiences to have when traveling in the country! If you don’t zipline…well it’s basically like visiting a destination and not experiencing what it’s known for. If you go to Africa, you have to do a safari in the jungle. Visit Las Vegas and you have to gamble. Travel to Thailand and temples are mandatory.

Canopy Zip Line Tour are probably the number one activity in Jaco Beach and Los Suenos Resort!

#3 I loved my Canopy Zip Line Tour at “Vista Los Sueños Adventure Park” most importantly because of the staff , that is probably the most friendly you will meet in all of Costa Rica. Therefore the guides make you feel safe and comfortable during the entire tour and also you have the option to do it upside down and this was really fun! Don’t be scared! Forget the cables, forget the “what if’s”, forget the fact you’re 200 feet off the ground. You are in Costa Rica! You are going to experience something unique and different. See the world from a different perspective!

#4 Canopy Zip Line Tours are more than being attached to a cable and allowing gravity to pull you to the other side. It’s about letting yourself laugh and feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins. It’s about getting an unforgettable view!

#5 The Canopy Zip Line Tour in “Vista Los Sueños Adventure Park” is available all year. If you want to live and have some adventure try out the best Canopy Zip Line Tour Don’t hesitate to book your zip line, calling free from the USA at 1 800-406 6280 or send a WhatsApp +506 83423683 from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, or you can email them at reservas@vlscr.com.

For other informations you can also visit the web site https://vistalossuenosadventurepark.com/