Some curious Outfits for Ziplining in Costa Rica

Ziplining has become more and more popular in Costa Rica over the past couple of years with more and more crazy courses. Ziplining is an aerial adventure in which you glide down suspended line where you can reach speeds up to 30 mph giving you one of the closest experiences to flying possible. Courses can also have a mixture of other aerial features beyond the standard zipline such as suspended bridge features, rope swings and free falls. The more modern courses typically offer photography packages with their course which capture the moments of pure excitement and ear to ear smiles. Some curious Outfits for Ziplining in Costa Rica.

Just like you see at amusement parks now, ziplining has brought out the wacky and wild outfits you have hiding in the back of your closet to front and center stage. Imagine the image of a T-Rex flying through the air as if it were a pterodactyl, your facebook friends will be left gawking. While out on the tours you can see some very interesting outfits just like you would skiing, dinosaur onesies, super hero outfits, and the occasional overly enthusiastic American patriot. It’s a great chance to follow your childhood dreams disguise yourself as a great super hero or maniacal villain. The photo packages typically offered should give you several shot of you and your party flying through the air as well as at vantage points around the course that have stunning scenery. 

For those that want to leave the crazy
 costumes to the rest of their party make sure you are dressed weather appropriate with secure footwear. Typical zipline attire includes secure closed toe footwear, shorts or pants depend on the weather for the day, sunglasses, light jacket to keep you warm while flying down the lines. Don’t forget the sunscreen! 

Some curious Outfits for Ziplining in Costa Rica.

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